Mark Lunt filming on shoot with Ronnie O'Sullivan for We1Win Mark Lunt filming on shoot with Ronnie O'Sullivan for We1Win

August 2022 Highlights

Another sunny month has come and gone, packed with plenty of good stuff. Here’s a few highlights…

We1Win: Ronnie O’Sullivan

We filmed four videos with Ronnie O’Sullivan, who has recently signed as official brand ambassador for We1Win, Southeast Asia’s biggest online entertainment platform.

We had an absolute blast on set with Ronnie and even got to see him do some of his legendary trick shots in the flesh!

Close up of red snooker balls on a table
Ronnie O'Sullivan signing as brand ambassador for We1Win
Close up of Ronnie O'Sullivan taking a snooker shot
Ronnie O'Sullivan standing next to a snooker table

The Times + AlixPartners

This month we worked on promoted content for The Times in association with AlixPartners. This animation-led piece focused on how CEOs and executives can adapt their business models to respond to an ever-shifting landscape and deal with disruption effectively.

We took the tried-and-tested interview format and injected a hefty dose of creativity to create a fresh, dynamic and engaging piece of content.

Still frame from The Times Dealing With Disruption, a video in partnership with Alix Partners

We brought the subject matter of the interview to life, using five different filming angles and animated art assets to illustrate and amplify the messaging.

AlixPartners logo
A still image of animated graphics in a video for The Times
Behind the scenes image of Rise Media filming for The Times
Animation in a video for The Times

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